Building products, from mobile apps to SaaS products

I have worked on products as a product manager, a data analyst, and a UX designer. I build products that can add value - whether it be making work more efficient, decentralizing knowledge, and unlocking new potential for people.

MyDataHelps | CareEvolution

Product Manager

A healthcare SaaS platform that enables companies and researchers to build participant-facing digital health apps and clinical trials

Re:catch | Business Canvas

Product Manager & Data Lead

An inbound sales automation B2B SaaS that doubles customers' revenue

Typed | Business Canvas  

Product Manager

An easy-to-use research and writing SaaS tool that transforms scattered information into your knowledge

Typed Mobile | Business Canvas

Product Owner

A bookmarking mobile app that enhances resource collection experience along with Typed software



An insight-sharing community platform for common investors in various professions