I create films that portray the world around me.

Filmmaking has been my favorite way to share my views and perspectives of the world with others. Much like building and creating products, filmmaking has become a strong tool for me to make an impact on others.  

Back to My Hometown (2024)

Director, Producer

Came back to hometown Hong Kong after a few years of living abroad, but the city feels different from what it used to be.

Phuket Trip (2023)

Director | Travel Vlog

A video sketch of a vacation trip to Phuket, Thailand

The Michigan Hug (2020)


To make The University of Michigan a closer-knit community, the school launches a new campaign endorsing hugs.

What If? (2019)

Associate Producer

A nervous first date of a girl goes out of control when her personified anxiety constantly bothers her.

The Town Hero (2019)

Sound, Production Assistant

An 80's-style TV news interview follows the life of a serial killer Michael Myers, who accidentally became a town hero.

AIS Class of '18 Grad Video (2018)

Director | HS Graduation Project

A senior video celebrating the high school graduation of American International School Hong Kong.

CASE 666 (2017)


Case records and files all lead to the mysterious numbers: 666.

Original Copy (2017)

Director, Producer

A man faces an altered copy of himself in photos during his everyday life.

Flicker: In The Dark (2016)

Actor, Associate Producer

Upon realizing his entire life has been a lie, a secret government subject goes rogue in hope to flee a life of killing.

Puzzled (2016)

Director, Producer

A drug-addicted crime profiler who's lost touch with himself, solves crime puzzles to crack his own.